BPC X-904 Transfer Device Refurbishment Services

ShangHai YF Marine is authorized by Billy Pugh Company Inc to provide refurbishment services on X-904 transfer device. The X-904 is a personnel transfer device designed to transfer personnel between vessels or platforms with more safety features than a conventional transfer net.

Billy Pugh Company’s 4 to 12 person transfer device is used to quickly and effectively transport personnel on and off of platforms. All X-904’s are made of a sturdy and very durable aluminum skeleton that encompasses the rider to protect them from falling objects and any side impact that may occur. All models are equipped with quick release safety lanyards to provide safety and give the rider confidence while in transit. The X-904 is built above and beyond standard safety rules and regulations to provide a superior product to customers.

The X-904 is aged by the In Service Date which is the date the X-904 is removed from its packaging. This date determines when the 6 month inspection and 2 year refurbishment should take place. Daily Inspections to be performed by a Qualified Person per API -A person designated by the employer who has the experience and formalized training to safely operate the crane, rigging, and associated lifting devices assigned at the work location.


6 Month Inspections performed by Qualified Inspector per API- A person so designated by the employer who by reason of appropriate experience and training, in addition to meeting requirements of a qualified person, has attended formal training in inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting of cranes, rigging, and lifting devices

Personnel safety is the most important aspect in any industrial operation. With the X-904 transfer device, safety is guaranteed. After two years usage and having been put through severe conditions, BPC X-904 unit should be brought back to shore in order to be refurbished/repaired. ShangHai Marine Services provides the highest standard of quality refurbishment services for X-904 transfer device.

X-904 Refurbishment Services by ShangHai YF Marine Gallery